Holy Week & Easter 2020

Guiding Principles:

  1. Safe Distancing in Effect / Respecting Government Directives
  2. Bringing the Church outside and Celebrating These Holy Days

Holy Week Schedule

Saturday, April 4 – Afternoon  

3 – 7pm        Father Gurnick will be at St. Patrick and available for Confessions/Blessing/Prayer from front porch of the rectory.  Stop on by and say hello and join him for a prayer. Blessed palms available to folks – please come to parish front yard where blessed palms are carefully placed in the large bushes.  Please help yourself to 1 per person in each household.  We also have Easter Season missalettes available on the side porch, near rectory office entrance.  Help yourselves.                   

Sunday, April 5 – Palm Sunday                                                    

Stop by and pick up your blessed palms carefully placed in large shrubs of parish front yard.  
Be sure to help yourselves to Easter Season missalettes located near the rectory office.         

3pm – 6pm  Father will be at St. Patrick and available for Confessions / Blessing / Prayer from our rectory front porch.  Blessed palms available to folks. 

Monday, April 6 – Monday of Holy Week                                               

4:30 -7:30pm   Father Gurnick at rectory  front porch available for Confessions/Blessing/Prayer.

Tuesday, April 7 – Tuesday of Holy Week                                               

4:30-7:30pm   Father Gurnick at rectory front porch available for Confession/Blessing/Prayer.   

Wednesday, April 8 – Wednesday of Holy Week                                               

4:30-7:30pm  Father Gurnick at  rectory front porch available for Confession/Blessing/Prayer.

Thursday, April 9 – Holy Thursday                                          

5:30-7:30pm  Father Gurnick at rectory front porch available for Confession/Blessing/Prayer.

7:30 – 10PM   The Blessed Sacrament will be enthroned on the rectory front porch for Adoration.   (if weather is inclement, be sure to stop at the main doors of the church building)

Friday, April 9 – Good Friday                                          

12N – 6pm   Veneration of the Cross at Saint Patrick rectory front porch (offer your prayers and simply bow to the cross while maintain social distancing). 

Saturday, April 10 – Holy Saturday                                          

10am – 12N Father Priest/Deacon will be available on rectory front porch if a parishioner wishes to have their Easter Meal blessed.  Come and say hello!

7:30 – 10:30pm   Come for a Blessing and say hello throughout the evening at Saint Patrick while maintaining our social distancing.

Sunday, April 11 – Easter Sunday                                         

9:00am – 12N      Stop for an Easter Blessing at Saint Patrick’s front porch for an Easter Blessing.

10:00am – 12:00p*   Enjoy a Special Easter Blessing for homes within the parish territories of Saint Patrick and Saint Malachi.  Stay tuned for more details and pray for no rain! 

Also, be sure to check out our website daily all week long and enjoy some prayer and song during these blessed days Holy Week and Easter!