Parish Assembly Minutes


St. Patrick’s Parish Assembly Minutes December 18, 2014

Assembly Members:  Theresa Andrews (At Large), P. Mazur (Stewardship – Maintenance), M. Thomas-Repcik (Evangelization), M. G. DeStefanis (Prayer & Worship), Marilyn (Cookie)Carroll (Faith Formation), L. Swit (Seniors), S. Washington (Community Outreach), Jim Clark (Ecumenical), Vacant (Youth), Vacant (Ministry), C. McBride (Restoration), Joe Frolik (Communication), K. Wadowick (Staff), Deacon Bill Merriman, and Father Mark.  Guest:  Jean Merriman.

The meeting opened with prayer at 6:30 p.m.  Minutes of the November 20, 2014 meeting were reviewed and accepted.

Old Business:

  • Mission House update – Father Mark reported he has received approval of the interior work.  The Youth Group and St. Angela’s volunteers have been working on the house.  Father is working with the Diocese to get an occupancy permit.
  • Youth Group – No new report.
  • Ad Hoc Committees – Jim C. reported the Stewardship Committee met regarding renting out the Club.  He and Joe F. were impressed with the cleanliness and marketability of the Club.  They plan to market it to theatre arts groups.  Deacon Bill suggested marketing it to the May Dugan Center and the Community House as a party place, presenting it to people with contacts getting the word out.  Father Mark suggested telling Kevin McGinty of the Irish Archives, the Irish American Club and the Irish Dancing Group Mary Grace D. stated an Irish Dancing Group rented it regularly in the past. Jim stated St. Patrick’s needs a strong policy on who can rent it, if alcohol can be served, a mandatory clean up fee, and security.  Kathy W. asked if we have liability insurance.  Father Mark stated whenever we have a parish event we need liability insurance through the Diocese.  Jim C. will start working on Rental Policy.  Marge TR reported Ministry Committee meeting needs to be rescheduled after the holidays.  Goal of the meeting is a document describing mission/purpose etc. of Mission House for groups interested in using it.  Linda S. reported Fundraising Committee is considering selling inscribed pavers for a walkway near Mission House.  Sis Mc.B. stated the Restoration Committee is exploring the same idea for side of Church.  Theresa A.  said it is important to have similar pavers so both groups may want to use the same company.  Linda S.  will speak with Ed K. about St. Patrick Dinner Dance.  Kathy W. stated it is on the Calendar for March 7.  It is important to advertise early so that people can plan to be there after 4:30 p.m. Mass.  Some discussion as to whether dance should be downstairs after dinner or upstairs in the Oak Room.  Typical attendance is 200 people.

Cluster reports: No Cluster reports.  Joe F. will talk more about the Clusters as the Ministry Fair draws near.

New Business:

  • Pastor’s Report – Father Mark  asked that we remember in prayer Bishop A. Ed Pevec, an inspiration to all of us, and other parishioners and friends of St. Patrick Church who have recently gone home to the Lord.  This Sunday is the 9th anniversary of Art Pekar’s death.  Father will bless families on Holy Family Sunday.
  • Advent/Christmas programming – Mary Grace D.  said the Music Group has a good number of people providing music for Midnight Mass.  Deacon Bill reported Shared Ministry Christmas Caroling, December 21, will begin at St. Paul’s Community Church and end at the Baby Sitting Co-op.  Shared Ministry Caroling goes back 40 to 50 years.  All are welcome.
  • Email topics/Calendar for January –  Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors Meeting will be January 14 at 7 p.m. in the Club.  Shared Ministry Church Unity and Martin Luther King Program will be January 18 at Bethel West Baptist Church, West 52nd and Franklin.

  • Parish Assembly Vacancies – Youth and Ministry Positions currently vacant.  Joe F.  will look into for next meeting.
  • Bake Sale – Linda S. reported Bake Sale very successful, made $861 for Golden Shamrock service projects.
  • Daytime book discussion group – Kathy W. discerning interest in this type of spiritual growth experience.

The meeting ended at 8 p.m. with prayer.  Next meeting is January 15, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

St. Patrick’s Parish Assembly Agenda – January 15, 2015

  1. I. Call to order/Opening Prayer/Minutes
  2. II. Old Business
    1. A. Ministry Fair
    2. B. Mission House Update
    3. C. Ad hoc committee reports
  3. III. Old Business
    1. A. Pastor’s report
    2. B. Assembly vacancies
    3. C. Upcoming email
  4. IV. Closing Prayer/adjournment


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