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A response to the McCarrick investigation

As many of our parishioners are well aware, the Church continues to suffer from the tragic, sinful, and illegal sexual abuse by members of the clergy and others in trusted positions of service. The recent McCarrick report, released by the Vatican this past week, reinforces the systemic failure of those who were in authority and in a position to address these matters.

Understandably, anger and confusion continue among the faithful. “Failures by some…have wounded many,” as stated by Cardinal Tobin of Newark, New Jersey. But we also take this moment in our history to recognize our continued commitment to report abuse and to use the protocols in place. This Vatican report, a fruit of these rather recent protocols, would never have occurred in prior times. As painful as this news is for us—all of us—it is a sign of transparency and progress. Indeed, we have a very long way to go, but may this moment of truth be another step toward healing for every victim of sexual abuse.