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Advent Updates

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Patrick,

Happy New Year! Well, a happy New Liturgical Year to everyone as we begin the Season of Advent. With this new season and new liturgical year, the Church invites us to recall God’s promise of a Messiah. This promise is fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the only be-gotten Son of the Father. May we be renewed as we truly prepare the way of the Lord in our own hearts and lives.

Rolling into some sense normalcy in this phase of the coronavirus we are pleased to share with everyone that the Charity of the Month will resume in January. More to come on the specifics later. We’re looking for disciples in our parish who may wish to provide some leadership in this initiative.

As we reintroduce the Charity of the Month, we do so with a special Advent Giving Tree which has a number of ornaments with many of the charities’ needs on them. If you would like to participate, please take one or two of the ornaments off the tree and obtain the listed item(s). Bring the item(s) back with the paper ornament taped onto them. Please do NOT wrap the items as each charity will need to identify the specific products and may not necessarily use them at Christmas time. Please drop off all items by December 19th. Drop items off at the rectory or under the Giving Tree when you come to Mass.

In addition to our charity project, I invite everyone to pick up a copy of our Advent/Christmas daily reflection booklet, found at the entrances of the church. English and Spanish copies are available. If you are homebound and would like one sent to your home, just call Mary or Cookie at the rectory.

Because of the universal Synodal process taking place during December and continuing into January, we will use this opportunity as part of our collective Advent reflection.

Finally, as you make your Christmas plans please be advised that we will have two Christmas Vigil Masses (4:30pm and 6:30pm) and one on Christmas Day Mass (10:00am). There will be no late night Mass on Christmas Eve.