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An offer of support

The phone rang at 6:14am yesterday. The nursing home was calling letting the two sisters know their brother had died earlier that morning. The sisters became teary, very sad. Due to COVID-19 the sisters were only able to see their brother—a person suffering from Alzheimer’s—a few fleeting times during the past five months. This lack of contact, personal touch, compounded their grief and was the focus of their conversation: “We couldn’t be there….”

This true story illustrates how vulnerable these times have made many of us. Sickness, minimized human social interaction and support, loss of job, depleted income, or confusion about who to believe and what to do have touched the lives of many of us. Feeling vulnerable has become ever more common.

Our parish Bereavement Team is here to offer support. You may have a loved one in a nursing home who you cannot visit, and you are feeling that loss. You may have suffered the death of a loved one and could not participate in a wake or liturgy. You may know someone in a nursing home who would appreciate a call or a note. You may simply want to pray and talk with someone who accompanies you safely during these challenging times.

Christians live and journey together, supporting one another. Please contact Kathy Wadowick, our Pastoral Associate, at 216-631-6872 or A Bereavement Team member will get in touch with you and offer faith-filled support.