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Be light for others

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

“We get to light the whole thing!”  This enthusiastic declaration came from one of our 1st Graders at Metro Catholic this past week when asked what happens to the Advent Wreath on the Fourth Sunday.  The children, their teachers, and I met up for a Monday afternoon prayer service as we prayed for our hearts to be open to the coming of Jesus.   

Yes, we get to light the whole thing!  And by doing so, the wreath is at its brightest.  Similar to our spiritual journey, the wreath represents a gradual unfolding of the mysteries of God.  We pray that His light increases as we continue our pilgrimage of faith.  With wisdom and understanding may our love for God and others continue to increase – becoming brighter as we embrace each day.

How am I called to be light for others this Christmas?  This is an important question for personal reflection.   Here are a few suggestions offered by people who are great examples of light in my own life:

  • Invite someone to join you for Christmas Mass.
  • Spend time with a neighbor who may seldom have visitors.
  • Encourage a friend, relative, or neighbor who is experiencing a difficult situation.
  • Check with the local parishes or charity centers to see if anything is needed for them to serve the hungry or poor.
  • Be aware of those who work for public safety during Christmas – first responders, medical personnel, etc.
  • Be kind and patient with retail workers and grocery store cashiers.  They’re just as busy as we are.
  • Don’t hesitate to greet others with a heartfelt “Merry Christmas” – share the joy that our Savior is born!   And if you know that they’re observing their own faith-based holiday, wish them blessings as they celebrate.
  • One last example…live as though you truly believe Christ dwells among us. 

Wherever you and your loved ones are celebrating our Lord’s nativity, be assured of my personal prayers and blessings.   Go and light the whole thing!

Christmas blessings,

Fr. Gurnick