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Can you greet? Can you ush?

Dear outgoing person:

It’s hard for you, this time of social distancing—right? You’re called to encounter people and to help them to feel welcome.

Want to live that calling in a way that fills a real parish need? Can you make it to Mass 20 minutes or so early and stay a few minutes late? Be a greeter/usher!

As we adapt to the pandemic with social-distancing, wearing masks and receiving Communion at the pews, our now-fewer greeters and ushers have banded together to minister to the worshipers.  We need additional people to commit to welcoming God’s people to worship. 

Greeters and ushers offer sanitizer, masks, guiding to a pew as needed and direction to exit church in a safe manner.  We lock and unlock the church doors, open and close the windows, adjust fans, ensure the secure delivery of the collection money to the counters, distribute bulletins. If an urgent matter arises during the liturgy, the congregation looks to us to handle it. Our ministry is to provide a sense of welcome and calm order to all who come to worship. 

If you’re interested, please email Marge Thomas-Repcik or Joe Wadowick at or leave a message at the rectory 216-631-6872.