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Celebrating the Religious Life

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Next weekend we celebrate World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life (the actual annual date is February 2).  

Our community has a rich history of women and men who served in the pastoral care of St. Patrick, both as parish leaders and as educators.  With the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), who provided pastoral and sacramental care for many years, to the Society of Mary (Marianists) and Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland who served as faculty members of our former grade school, St. Patrick Parish has been blessed with Religious priests, sisters, and brothers who contributed to the formation of our people on the near west side.  

I always enjoy hearing the stories from long-time parishioners who share a favorite memory of a Sister or Brother.  Some have shared warm moments like when a priest offered comfort during a very difficult experience and others  involve amusing stories like the time when a Sister frantically chased kids off the fire escape on a Saturday afternoon or when another Sister desperately searched for a certain student who was locked in a classroom after school while trying to climb out the window!  

These accounts reflect the warmth and familiar bond that our Religious have built through their simple witness and life of service.  

We continue to be enriched by Religious who serve and bear witness to the joy of the Kingdom as they live out the Evangelical Counsels (poverty, chastity, and obedience). 

We express our gratitude to Jesuit Father Daniel Reim for his faithful weekend service and Charity Sister Mary O’Grady for her continued presence among us.  We thank the Sisters of Notre Dame who pray among us and who serve at Metro Catholic, our partner school.  These are just some of the Religious who continue to serve in our community.  We are grateful for all of them!  

May our young people consider following in the steps of our Religious as they discern God’s call.  And may we all encourage our youth to be open to this beautiful way of life!

Prayerfully yours in Christ,

Fr. Gurnick