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First Sunday of Advent

Dear Friends and Parishioners of Saint Patrick,

Happy New Year!  With this First Sunday of Advent, we begin a new liturgical year and it’s this season of preparation that directs our minds to Christ’s second coming at the end of time and to the anniversary of Our Lord’s birth on Christmas. 

From the early days of the Church, folks have been concerned about Christ’s second coming. However, the readings we use at Mass encourage us not to waste time trying to predict his return.  Rather, we’re called to be ready when he does return.  In order to do this, we can’t be weighed down by the allurements and distractions of this world.  Just be ready.

And how are we to be ready? As the scriptures command: repent and make clear the way by being servants of justice, truth, and peace.  We follow the example of Mary who completely opened herself to God’s divine will.  

Advent is a season of hopeful expectation as we make use of this sacred time.  May it bear much fruit for each of us as we concentrate on our spiritual lives in the midst of all the other festivities.

May this holy season grant us time for proper preparation, for quieting ourselves, and for disciplining our hearts for the full joy of Christmas.

As we wait in joyful hope,

Fr. Gurnick