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Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Patrick;

Back to school!

Back to school? My hats off to every parent, teacher, and student as we begin the new academic year. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of twists, turns, and cartwheels anyone involved in education is going through, from preschool to university. To each and all of you we extend our prayerful best wishes.

Folks here are working hard to ensure that our faith formation and sacramental programs are continuing. Parish School of Religion (PSR), available online only as well as a hybrid model of virtual learning mixed with social-distanced gatherings, will begin next week. The hybrid model will include the use of the upstairs ball room in the Club Building and will feature a special monthly Mass just for the PSR families participating in this program. We continue to enjoy the Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) by Ms. Megan Wilson-Reitz, with each new weekly video being posted by Saturday evening. And our Adult Faith Formation series continue to offer enriching programs for those wishing to participate via Zoom.

Parish Council and various committees are meeting monthly and more activity will pick up in the upcoming months—online and in person, when it is safe to conduct these gatherings. As we move into autumn and winter we are designing spaces where social distancing for meetings will be possible as well as expanding our use of technology.

I thank everyone for your continued financial support as we address critical needs associated with COVID-19. Because of your generosity we are able to enhance our internet system and other technology items as we prepare to livestream weekly liturgies, conduct more online meetings, and creatively continue to move forward in other areas. We are also able to maintain the campus and pay normal utility and other monthly bills. And because so many have been able to assist with our outreach funds, we stand ready to help those needing financial assistance during this difficult time. For those who are not in a position to financially assist at this time, please be assured of my personal gratitude for your prayers for the parish and neighborhood and so many of you for your commitment of time and talent. All of these make a difference—thank you!

Finally, congratulations to our young friends who received the sacrament of confirmation this past Tuesday. Along with our first communicants, you are experiencing sacramental grace in a special way during this pandemic. You are joined by many Catholics who, over the centuries, also participated in the life of the Church during very challenging times. Some of these historical moments involved other plagues, or persecution because they were Christians, or they found themselves in the midst of war. And the Church continued to evangelize, celebrate her sacraments, educate, care for the poor, and bear joyful witness to the good news. You young people literally join the thousands, if not millions, who have been through challenging times and have kept the faith alive.

May each of you be an awesome witness to Christ’s love for your family and friends. We need you to keep the flame burning!

Prayerfully yours in Christ,

Fr Gurnick Signature