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Jubilee for the Earth: Greatest Commandment

Love Your Neighbor: God’s Creation


Creator God, give us courage as we call one another to repentance and responsibility for your creation.  We count on your Holy Spirit to renew us in a love for your creation that will strengthen us to repair the damage we’ve done, to constrain our unsustainable lifestyles, and to join in creation’s praise and glory to you. 


We can set aside time to review areas of our lives that could improve our loving care for God’s creation.  We can pick one area of need, plan steps to help reduce our overuse and work toward protecting and renewing the earth so it can continue to support all of us on earth. 


We can study the scriptures for teaching and exhortations instructing us on the sinfulness of harming God’s creation:

We can listen also to the passages celebrating God’s creation with praise and thanksgiving for our natural home that gives us life and enables our enjoyment and responsible stewardship:

—Richard Weber