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Keep Grace, and Carry On

Dear Parishioners,

When it comes to Covid-19, Fr. Hollis and other members of our parish will often hear me exclaim, “I’m so done with this!” Responses to my huffiness are met with “Amen!” or “I’m right with ya.” I think we are all at that point. Enough of this pandemic! 

For me it has to do with the fact that everything we’re about as Catholics has been temporarily suspended or altered. Everything having to do with us as human beings has been impacted. 

It is very apparent how this is impacting our families, our parish, and our communities. These new norms aren’t normal. And we’re seeing the challenges become more evident: isolation, depression, anxiety, cabin fever, fatigue, etc.

From the time of the initial shutdown to guarded reopening, we have been constantly reminded of our restrictions. So much has been taken away. From the promise of being vaccinated to continued news of more positive cases and Covid-related deaths, we realize that this pandemic is far from over.

What has been most challenging for you?

We as people of faith always strive to see things through the eyes of Christ. So many people of good will coming together and caring about one another. The ingenuity of our medical professionals, our teachers, parents, charity workers, and small business owners. The creative ways we continue to be nourished through the liturgy, sacraments, faith formation, and other opportunities.

What graces and blessings can you identify in your life?

As we reflect upon our lives as Missionary Disciples who are called to evangelize, it may not be about foreign lands. It may not be about the perfect situation or personal convenience. And it may not be about saying anything profound. Maybe it’s simply us being present, supportive, optimistic, and joyful so others are convinced that Christ is accompanying us through these most challenging of times.

So give me my moment for exasperation. You can have yours, too. But let’s not forget that life must carry on as we look for blue skies in between winter storms, moments of levity in the midst of a pandemic, and those wonderful small graces in the chaos of daily life. 

Faithfully yours in sorrow, sadness, joy and blessing!

Fr Gurnick Signature