Litter Pilgrimages

Please join the West Side Creation Care Team for our monthly Litter Pilgrimage on Saturday, October 9, 10am-12noon. Walk with us as we pray, pick up litter and recyclables, and renew the landscape of our Near West Side neighborhoods.  This month we are teaming up with St Colman and St Christopher Parishes. Meet in front of St Colman Church, 2027 W 65th. Parking behind off of Lawn Ave.  Please bring gloves and buckets. Bags provided. Questions:

About the West Side Creation Care Litter Pilgrimages

During this Season of Creation, Pope Francis invites us to restore our relationships with God the creator, with our sisters and brothers in our one human family, and with all of God’s creatures dwelling within our common home. We must carve out time to renew, repair, and restore these sacred relationships.

As Genesis 9:15 reminds us, God’s covenant is not only with humans but with “every living creature.” The word “creation” itself evokes meanings that transcend artificial divides between the “human” and “nature.” “Creation” signals the truth of our interconnected reality.  When we use the word “creation” (instead of “eco” or “environment”), we demonstrate our humble self-awareness that we are part of the created order. Moreover, we recognize that our Creator is constantly working with us to redeem and sustain all of creation.1

Why a pilgrimage?

As people of faith, we are a community of pilgrims, on journey together towards life in all its fullness. The journey can be transformative—a way to discover ourselves anew in new relationships with God’s creation and with each other. As pilgrims, we walk together (safely distanced apart) and invite others along the way to journey with us for the healing and reconciliation of the suffering and brokenness of this world.2

Practically speaking…

We will pick up several dozen garbage bags of trash and recyclables that would otherwise find their way into the storm drains and end up in our river and beautiful Lake Erie. Our great lake is the source of drinking water for 11 million people. Let’s do our part to protect her.

Prayer for Stewardship of Creation

Creator God, grant us the will to move forward on our pilgrimage to generate transformative changes in our hearts, our minds, our congregations, our neighborhood, and our world. Guide and inspire us so that our pilgrimage will open us to one another through dynamic and considerate interaction, joining together for the care of Your amazing creation that fills us with wonder and awe.  God of life, lead us to be living instruments of Your justice, Your peace, and Your renewal of all creation. Amen.

“All of us can cooperate as instruments of God for the care of creation, each according to his or her own culture, experience, involvements, and talents.” – Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ , par. 14 3



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3- Laudato Si’ (Praise be to you, my Lord): On Care for Our Common Home (May 2015)