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Litter sites for Advent Pilgrimage 2020

Please register for the pilgrimage using this form or email to let us know what site you would like to clean up on Saturday, December 12, 2020, 10:00-11:30am. We will confirm with you by email or on-site that morning.

Stop by to pick up garbage bags, gloves, and prayers for your pilgrimage in the parking lot at 1505 W 25th St (north end of the abandoned CMHA homes).

EAST SIDE: Starting from West 25th and Detroit Avenue, heading south on the east side of the street

  • 2429 W Superior Ave (Superior Viaduct) – the parking lot south of St Malachi, located at the NE corner of W 25th and Superior
  • RTA stop (SE corner of W 25th & Superior) – around the RTA bus shelter and the parking lot behind it,  all the way back (east) to the guardrail and heading south on the abandoned service road behind the buildings
  • 1441 W 25th (abandoned building) – parking lots to the north and south of this building
  • 1447 W 25th St (parking lot) – another parking lot (just north of our check-in site at CMHA 1505 W 25th St) that formerly belonged to Lutheran Metro Ministry
  • 1505-1525 W 25th St – the abandoned 8-unit CMHA building, including the area behind the building down to the abandoned service road
  • 1545 W 25th St – We will skip this property, the former Front Steps-Transitional Housing building, because the lot is clean and someone is in the process of emptying out the contents of the building into a dumpster.
  • Franklin Blvd – down the hill from W 25th to Columbus Ave (at Hoopple’s), both sides of the street

WEST SIDE: Starting from West 25th and Detroit/Superior, heading south on the west side of the street

The west side of West 25th Street is mostly free of litter. Few volunteers will be needed for this area.

  • South on W 25th and circle around to Aust Ave – From Detroit Ave., proceed on W 25th St south to Church Ave. Clean up Church Ave from W 25th St to W 28th. Head south on W 28th to Aust Ave (it looks like an alleyway). Clean up Aust Ave heading east until you get back to W 25th St. (note: Aust Ave borders the south side of the Bookhouse Brewing building at 1526 W 25th St)
  • South on W 25th, from Aust Ave to Franklin Blvd – pick up litter along W 25 St, including around the RTA bus shelter, until you get to the Kan Zaman restaurant at the corner of Franklin Blvd

—Creation Care at St. Patrick Parish, December 2020