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Mass on the Grass starting in July

Our parishioners know how hot the church building can become during the peak summer months. Usually electric fans are used for air flow but this may not be the best option due to the release of respiratory droplets from each individual. We are also concerned about people’s comfort as facial masks continue to be required.

For these reasons, we will be introducing Mass on the Grass, an opportunity for us to celebrate Eucharist on the green space behind the church with safety and comfort as our top priority.

Since we can’t always predict the weather, we won’t know until we approach each weekend to determine whether Mass would be indoors or outdoors. We will make every effort to notify parishioners via our email list and postings on the website when this information becomes available.

Safety protocols outside are similar to those when we are inside: facial masks, social distancing, and proper training for our ministers. We recommend that you always have your sun screen, your chair, blanket, umbrella, and sunglasses (along with your facial mask) in your car so you are prepared to join us for Mass on the Grass.