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Dear Brothers and Sisters of Saint Patrick,

As we continue to engage in parish life over the next several months a number of activities are being cancelled. Upon the recommendation of our committee members, the annual Parish Picnic will not take place this summer. Our Hooley celebration in September will also be deferred until next year.

These decisions to cancel or suspend such events can be rather challenging for our communal life and mission. However, parishioners are creatively finding ways for us to communicate, celebrate, and participate. For example:

  • Our communication will be enhanced through a new website and related features to make information more accessible to parishioners and friends of the parish.
  • We are planning to use the 8:30am Mass for livestreaming so our stay-at-home members can also be a part of our own Sunday liturgies.
  • We continue to find new ways to have folks participate in faith formation (for children and adults), enrichment programs, and regular parish leadership meetings.

As we see a rise in COVID-19 cases, these improvements are essential. I want to thank our parish staff, Parish Council, and other leaders within our parish for their creativity, time, and enthusiasm as we move forward. I also thank our Finance Council who has created a budget that reflects the realities of moving forward with our parish life and mission.

I am also grateful to the many parishioners who continue to generously support our Sunday collection and initiatives as we make sure the hungry are fed and those in need of special care can receive it. Most appreciated are the prayers of each parish member as we continue to meet these new challenges head on.

As July’s spiritual devotion invites us to reflect on the Precious Blood of Christ, may we be generous in offering our own personal sacrifices and struggles to Christ’s sacrifice and find always in His Precious Blood the source of our salvation.

Sincerely yours in the Precious Blood of Christ,

Fr Gurnick Signature