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Much to celebrate this spring

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Patrick,

“The beignets and bacon is a wonderful way to celebrate Mardi Gras!” “The Dance is back!” “That was a great crowd on Saint Patrick’s Day!” “It is so good seeing old friends and new faces at these events!” Yes, the use of an exclamation point for all four of these statements is intentional because each comment expresses the enthusiasm and joy of the collective comments shared with me the past month. The various emails, cards, and comments that folks have made all express one common theme: we love our St. Patrick Parish!

Personally, I take this opportunity to thank the many parishioners who have been responsible for providing leadership for these events and the many, many volunteers who were able to assist with each event’s success. And for everyone who came to join in on the prayer and fun, thank you!

As we turn our attention to the solemn gatherings of Holy Week, I invite everyone to join us for the beautiful liturgies. Please keep checking the Sunday bulletin and website for the times of each liturgy,
for additional Confession times, and other opportunities for prayer. May these gatherings fill us with a deep sense of joy and fellowship as we gather to celebrate the central mysteries of our Catholic faith.

May you and your loved ones continue to be renewed and refreshed with the grace of Lent, the Church’s springtime!

Gratefully yours in Christ,

Fr. Gurnick