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Outdoor Stations? How do I read them?

What are those signs around our campus with blocks on them? How do I even read that?

These are an outdoor way to walk the Stations of the Cross. Some smartphone cameras can read the codes and direct you to the website where the material is. If your camera doesn’t work, you may need a QR Code reader app found for free in the App Store or Play Store.

The first sign has a welcome guide and after that point, you need to choose one of the versions to follow. You really only need to scan the code once to open the version you chose. Once it plays, press pause between the Stations to move on to the next one where you can resume play again.

There are two video versions. The first is 10 minutes long and intended for small children. The second, intended for older children is much like the Stations of the Cross done at a Catholic School. The third version we have is a not a video, but written text to read and follow on your own with a set of prayers for each station.

You are also welcome to walk the path and meditate on each station privately or with your own prayer guide. We hope this will help you come closer to our Lord in his passion, death and resurrection this Lent.