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Overall Wellness

Dear Friends and Parishioners,

I hope you had an opportunity to enjoy some of the sunshine this past week.  We certainly can use it!

From time to time, I get a number of advertisements from various sources about wellness for our congregation.  Some of these materials offer simple things to keep us healthy in mind and body.

Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Winter can keep us indoors too much.  Although it’s cold outside, we’re encouraged to get an adequate amount of fresh air daily.  Taking caution of ice and snow, maybe consider bundling up and sitting on the porch for 15 minutes a couple of times each day.
  2. Exercise does the body good!  We might be a bit more limited due to the weather but consider going to a mall or public indoor space and walk for 30 minutes every other day. 
  3. Always check with your primary care provider first when introducing vitamins or supplements to your diet, but consider a dose to supplement  your daily allowance – especially Vitamin D.
  4. Make sure you have a hobby that engages your mind and creativity. 
  5. Get regular sleep.  Go to bed and wake up with a routine.  Power down those electronic devices at least one hour prior to bedtime.  This helps keep the mind and body in sync with each day’s demands.  
  6. Drink alcohol with moderation and only if safe to do so, especially if you’re on medications or suffer from depression.  Some health professionals warn that people consume more amounts of alcohol during winter months.  Use the winter to quit smoking.
  7. Reach out to loved ones, friends, and old acquaintances. We may not be able to go about as freely during the cold months, but we may have opportunity for more quality time, even if it’s over the phone.
  8. Curl up by the fire (space heater) and read a good spiritual book or – here comes a shameless plug – make use of our parish subscription to  Good stuff for the whole family!

When we’re doing well in mind and body, our spiritual lives can benefit greatly.  Enjoy the gift of winter for what it is and the opportunities it presents.

In Christ Our Physician,

Fr. Gurnick