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Peace of the risen Lord

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Peace be with you.

These simple words offered by the risen Lord to his disciples is the same gift offered to us today: peace. We can certainly identify with one, if not a number, of those disciples who encountered Jesus on that first glorious Easter morning. Perhaps it’s Peter who denied knowing the Lord during those dark hours of Jesus’ passion. Maybe it’s the other apostles who ran off and chose to hide.  Or his friend Mary who shared her experience with the community of apostles. Maybe we connect with his own mother who was the first to hold Jesus in a stable and the last to hold him on the bloodied soul of Calvary.  Is it more like Thomas who couldn’t believe the news and demanded proof?     

With the gift of Christ’s peace comes forgiveness, reconciliation, renewal, and hope. With this gift comes a new way of being.  Encounter, Accompaniment, Community, and being Sent are all given meaning and purpose as those first disciples went forth – to the very ends of the earth – to bring the Good News to all.  What power the gift of peace brings!

Peace be with each of you on this happy day and throughout the Season of Easter!

Joyfully yours in Christ the Risen Lord,

Fr. Gurnick