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Receive and set out in haste

Dear Friends and Parishioners,

Today’s Gospel passage (Luke 1:39-45) offers the key to missionary discipleship.  The two familiar and beloved women teach us what we’re called to do with the Word of God.   After the Virgin Mary receives news from the angel that she will become Jesus’ mother – by the power of the Holy Spirit – she sets out in haste to visit her cousin.  In turn, Elizabeth receives Mary with great joy as she recognizes Mary’s special role. 

Is this not the perfect example of how we’re called to live as disciples?  To receive and to set out in haste – this twofold action requires a personal and conscious response.

The exchange of these two women are even more pronounced as we think about the uncertainty awaiting each of them.  The uncertainty of acceptance due to the extraordinary circumstances.  The uncertainty of each child’s future.  But these uncertainties do not hinder each woman’s joyful response.  

Once we receive the Eternal Word in our own hearts, do we keep it to ourselves or do we set out in haste to bring Christ to others?    Do we find ourselves joyful or are we hindered because of our own uncertainties?

Why did Elizabeth’s baby leap in her womb?  Because the Word was near and Jesus’ cousin, the last great prophet, recognized that divine presence.   May we always find ourselves leaping for joy at the presence of the Eternal Word!i

Be assured of my personal prayers for all of you as we commemorate the Lord’s birth and await His coming again in glory.

                                                                                          Christmas blessings,

Fr. Gurnick