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Remembering aborted children

Interfaith memorial services and solemn prayer vigils will be held on Saturday, September 12, at Holy Cross Cemetery in Akron, Resurrection Cemetery in Valley City, and across the country for the innocent victims of abortion.

Holy Cross Cemetery, Akron – This event will take place online and virtually.  Virtual prayers, hymns, scriptures, and reflections by local leaders will conclude with a live-streamed presentation of flowers to the Memorial to the UnbornFor details on participating virtually or to join the flower presentation at 2:00pm in person with appropriate social distancing and facial covering, please visit the event page at or call Denise Leipold at 330-762-2785.

Resurrection Cemetery, Valley City – This event takes place on site at the Memorial to the Unborn, 6303 Center Road, Valley City.  For details please contact or call Trish Shaw 440-590-0083.  Please bring your own chair and wear a facial covering. Thank you for your support!

To join our weekly rosary for the sanctity of all human life, visit our Pro-Life Awareness page.