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See yourself in the Passion

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

During this Holy Week we’re greeted with a cast of characters who play a pivotal or peripheral role in the passion, death, and glorious resurrection of Jesus. There’s Judas who betrayed and Peter who denied. There’s the faithful women and the beloved disciple. Then there are governors, Jewish leaders, and soldiers. Simon of Cyrene, Joseph of Arimathea, and the legendary Veronica contribute to the narrative. Another is Dismas, the name traditionally assigned to the Good Thief. Then Magdalene greets Him in the garden while angels announce to others that He is no longer in the tomb. The doubting apostle finds his way into the Easter scene as do the fellow travelers who are returning to Emmaus.

And throughout many of these scenes is the Mother who accompanies her Son in silence.

We can certainly connect with these women and men on some level. Maybe different ones this year more than others in past years. Which one(s) speak to you as we find ourselves preparing to celebrate the central mysteries of our faith?

  • If you identify with Judas who betrayed Jesus, know all can be restored in Him;
  • If you are denying Jesus, know that He will never deny you because he loves you;
  • If you are faithfully accompanying Jesus, assure others that they are welcome to join you;
  • If you are a civil or religious leader, make sure you are bringing others to Jesus in all things;
  • If you are connecting with Simon, faithfully bear your Cross as you walk with Jesus;
  • If you find yourself loving Jesus like Veronica did, continue to see Him in every face you encounter;
  • If your heart relates to our friend Dismas, trust that Jesus promises the same gift of redemption;
  • If you discover the risen Jesus like the Magdalene did, go swiftly and tell the others;
  • If you still doubt this news about Jesus, continue to pray for an increase of faith;
  • If you are discouraged like those who were heading back to Emmaus, look for Jesus in the breaking of the bread.

If all is well and you have nothing to say, simply walk with Mary as she lovingly raised her little lamb who became the Paschal Lamb!

With every grace and blessing desired for you,

Fr. Gurnick