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Self-examination in Lent

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Patrick,

Embracing God’s mercy is one of the central themes during the Lenten Season.  This divine gift however, requires us to honestly examine our lives and assess our spiritual progress.  Upon a sincere examination one may find something missing or obstructing.  Either way, the response is not disparity but turning once again to the Lord who heals with His mercy.

This springtime of the Church’s liturgical year, therefore, invites us to an extensive practice of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  Of course, we observe these practices throughout the year but this special focus sharpens our awareness of how God desires our discipleship to be lived out: prayer increasing faith, fasting reinforcing our hope in God’s providence, and almsgiving expanding our sense of charity. 

Here’s a brief assessment guide as we enter this season of renewal:

  1. How is my prayer life (both liturgically and devotionally)?
  2. Do I have a healthy rhythm of meaningful daily prayer.
  3. What have I become more attached to and now sense a degree of power it has over me?
  4. How have I failed to place the Lord above all else?
  5. Do I love others with a sincere heart?
  6. Am I indifferent or attentive to the needs of others?
  7. Am I light and path for others to discover Christ or do I get in the way?

These are just some of the basic questions for each of us to examine as we embrace God’s mercy during this holy season.  As Christians, we don’t despair if we identify areas needing growth.  Rather, we turn once again to the Lord who
is the source of all healing and redemption.
May you and your loved ones experience the gentle and loving touch of Jesus during Lent and may we all grow closer to His Sacred Heart!

Yours in Christ Crucified and Risen,

Fr. Gurnick