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Solidarity with Mothers and the Unborn

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Since Roe v. Wade’s ruling and it’s reversal in 2022 with the Dobbs’ decision, the need to protect the life of the unborn continues.  Last autumn, Archbishop Lori of Baltimore, Chair of the USCCB’s Pro-Life Committee, stated that this ruling doesn’t stop the need to continue this important work.  Rather, he speaks of a significant shift to what St. John Paul II described as “radical solidarity,” making the good of others our own good, including especially mothers, babies – born and preborn – and families throughout the entire human lifespan.

He further stated that, “to build a world in which all are welcome requires not only justice, but compassion, healing, and above all, unconditional love… The new life that is developing under the heart of the mother is already situated in a network of relations, including family, neighbors and fellow citizens.”

Roe’s logic merely offered the woman the right to lethal force used against her child, but it otherwise abandons her. 

Other options exist but can only be effective if we understand our call to respond in a spirit of radical solidarity.  This requires us to see our preborn brothers and sisters as fellow members of our community. Only then can we understand Jesus’ proclamation of the Gospel of life.

The Gospel of life, therefore, requires us to examine the truth about abortion and the negative long-lasting impact it makes upon the woman herself and everyone else involved.

The call to live in radical solidarity requires each of us to build a world in which women are esteemed, children are genuinely loved and protected, and men own their responsibilities as fathers.

This must be done, not with judgment, but through a spirit of accompaniment as we find ways to walk with our expectant and new mothers – regardless of circumstances.

Please check out for resources within our local community as we continue to defend and accompany the most vulnerable, especially the at-risk mothers and their children.

Sincerely yours in Christ Our Life,

Fr. Gurnick