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Twenty pink poinsettias that graced our sanctuary throughout the Christmas season are bagged and waiting near the Bridge Avenue exit for anyone to pick up and take home. They still had a lot of life left in them last time we checked, and we’ve now proven for a couple years in a row that you can absolutely revive them with some summer sunshine and get them to put out their pink leaves again in time for next Christmas. Help yourself, this weekend only.

Another fine freebie that you’ll find near the doors is our 2021 religious calendar, courtesy of McGorray-Hanna Funeral Homes. Marked with solemnities, memorials and feasts, days of fasting and abstinence, liturgical seasons and national holidays, this is a handy reference item for every Catholic kitchen. Don’t forget to highlight and celebrate your patron saint’s feast daywe all need more intercession, and more cake. If you missed the calendar at church, they are also available in the rectory. Call Scott Menningen at 216-631-6872 x2103 and he’ll put one in the mail.

For another weekend or two, you can still pick up a replacement baptismal candle from the tables near the doors. If you’ve lost track of yours or used it up, take home a fresh one. Burn it on the anniversary of your own baptism (you can call the parish office at the church where you were baptized if you aren’t sure of the date) or on any day when you need a little reminder of the grace that comes with baptism. Just be sure to store in a cool place, as Father Gurnick will remind you!