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The bins are back!

Were you among the loyal recyclers of junk mail, flattened cardboard, magazines and phone books who was disappointed recently to find that the recycling bins had vanished from the northwest parking lot at the corner of Whitman Avenue and West 38th Street? Go look again!

Two replacement bins have been delivered, providing a little more volume than we had before, not to mention solid lids to help keep the paper dry until it’s ready to be sorted.

As we renew our commitment to reducing the amount of waste headed to landfills, please keep in mind:

  • Styrofoam, plastic bags, packing peanuts and non-paper trash are contaminants, not recyclable paper. Keep them out of the bin.
  • We can fit more of our own and our neighbors’ paper recyclables into the bin if we flatten all cardboard.
  • Although it’s inconvenient to make the trip to the bin only to find it full, please don’t leave anything outside the bins. Take anything that won’t fit back home until we can get the bins emptied. We want to provide a resource to our neighbors, not an unsightly supply of litter that will blow into their yards.