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We’re Invited

Dear Friends and Parishioners of Saint Patrick,

This week presents some very special invitations for usas a people of faith and as citizens of this great countryto lift up our hearts, minds, and voices.

Our first invitation is our personal support toward the peaceful transition of power every four or eight years as a nation who enjoys a constitution rooted in principles of a democratic republic with a government to serve the common good. Regardless of our political persuasions and convictions, may we serve as instruments of peace and good will. Let us pray for the safety of our new president and all elected officials as they govern and guide us through some difficult moments in our history.

Our second invitation is to participate in this Week of Christian Unity. While many divisions certainly exist among Christians, we continue to build upon our common ground and seek ways to proclaim the Kingdom of God. This invitation for unity makes us stronger in our bearing witness to the Good News of Christ. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters who share our faith in Christ Jesus as we all strive to live in truth and charity.

Our third invitation comes to us through the life and work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as we observe our national holiday. This day not only pays tribute to a man who offered hope to his own generation, but our annual observance presents a perennial challenge to work for equality among all peoples, regardless of the color of one’s skin or national origin. Let us pray for those who struggle for equality and justice.

Our fourth invitation is to join together on the 22nd to pray for the legal rights of the unborn, our brothers and sisters who await the chance to experience the fullness of life. Let us pray for the dignity of all human life, especially the most vulnerable among usand for creative ways to support them as they are born and raised in our communities.

Accepting each of these invitations, let us pray that the gift of peace grows within each heart, home, faith community, and throughout this nation under God.

Yours in Christ the Prince of Peace,

Fr Gurnick Signature