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Year-end 50-50 news

Congratulations to Joyce Walsh, who took home $312 in the November drawing.

There will be two drawings in December. The first is the usual 50-50 drawing with half the proceeds supporting the parish and half for the happy winner. The second is a drawing for a guaranteed prize of $225, due to no raffles in April, May and June. All 50-50 tickets purchased in 2020 (including those purchased for the December drawing) will be in the drum for this “bonus” drawing. No extra tickets will be sold for the bonus drawing.

In honor of the Christmas season, the winner of the year-end drawing will also receive a bonus prize from the parish. Choose from seventeen styles of custom outdoor cement statues to grace your garden or patio.

December tickets are available in the rectory and after Sunday Masses. If you would like to have tickets mailed to you call the rectory at 216-631-6872 and leave a message for Nancy.