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How big is mercy?

First Wednesday of Advent, 2 December 2020

In today’s reflection, Waiting in Joyful Hope author Michelle Francl-Donnay reflects on Isaiah 25:8b, and how God’s mercy is like water.

In the comments section below, share your own response to today’s scripture, Francl-Donnay’s reflection, or the accompanying meditation prompt.

2 thoughts on “How big is mercy?”

  1. To reflect on the largesse of God’s mercy is good for my small mind. Too often, I only consider God’s mercy to me. But His mercy is given to every age, since Creation. He has never left us, though we turned away first. Though we kept, and keep on, turning away, He never leaves us. In every age, a time of deep darkness has been followed by a time of brighter light. Today, I give thanks for His mercy in the time of COVID. His mercy comes in the form of scientific creativity resulting in the promise of a vaccine, more quickly than we have ever seen in history.

  2. There’s a hymn by Fr. Frederick Faber that begins with this verse: “There’s a wideness in God’s mercy / like the wideness of the sea. / There’s a kindness in God’s justice / which is more than liberty.”

    That justice can be kind is a concept difficult to sell in a culture that treasures vengeance above redemption. And yet, it seems to me this is pretty much the point of the Incarnation.

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